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Shirley Carroll.png

Shirley Carroll - West Ryde 

What a great way to start the year. The future of our ecclesias in good hands. Looking forward to NewStart 2018

Rob + Rachelle Oosthusien.png

Rob and Rachelle Oosthusien – New Zealand (Speaker)

It was a true blessing to be able to share NewStart together as a family (of eight). If we hadn't, how would any father begin to explain in words an experience like that!!!

Wayne and Jo Wiltshire.png
Zazz and Karen Oosthuizen.png

Wayne and Jo Wiltshire - Boolaroo

We had a wonderful time. It was uplifting and inspirational. When we work together for good we can move mountains with our Lord's blessings

Garry and Helen Hindmarsh.png

Garry and Helen Hindmarsh – Toronto

We are fully supportive of the week 

John Pople.jpg

Zazz and Karen Oosthuizen - Charlestown

NewStart was a great success

Jamin and Janett Ryan.png

Jamin and Janett Ryan – Hunter Valley

Thanks so much for doing a great job organising NewStart 2017!!

Colin and Jannett Byrnes.png

Colin and Janette Byrnes - Castle Hill 

NewStart was well organised and it ran smoothly. The children’s program gets a big tick. The talks were excellent.

Andy and Suzy Leadbeatter.png

Andy and Suzy Leadbeatter - Watagans

The atmosphere was electric. A mini kingdom experience

Doug and Cyndy Mogg.png

Doug and Cyndy Mogg – Toronto

What a wonderful time we had at Newstart 2017 - a week of fellowship, acceptance, learning from the very varied presenters, musical variety and talent, delicious coffee and food, and above all a pervading spirit of love and service especially from your extremely hard working committee.  We saw happy children with wonderful craft works, new friends and an awareness that people of all ages can gather together and have a joyful, fulfilling week. Thank you so much for a very precious start to our new year.

John Pople, San Francisco Peninsula, CA, USA (NewStart 2018 speaker)

NewStart 2018 was a wonderful experience of Bible study and fellowship. The brothers and sisters there were extremely generous in listening to a novel exposition of Solomon’s Song and also helped me by challenging and developing the ideas so that ‘iron could sharpen iron.’ This gathering provides a great vehicle for unity and cross-fertilization of biblical ideas among all the ecclesias in the vicinity. Staying locally in homes fostered a truly family atmosphere for the week, I had the privilege to be with Rob & Leah Crawford, which was extremely relaxing and fun. May God bless NewStart 2019, if our Lord remains away!

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