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NewStart Week is an all ages, commuting-style Study Week in the stunning grounds of Macquarie College, Elermore Vale, designed to help us all make a NewStart to our spiritual sensitivities and aspirations.
The New year, iNewcastle is a great time to make a NewStart.
Dates - Mon 30 Dec - Fri 3 Jan 2020
Two series of studies are planned:
1. Bro Matt Blewett, Westville, South Africa Ecclesia
Adults: “Meditations in Revelation”

Teenagers: “Making sense of reality”
2. Bro Craig Blewett, Westville, South Africa Ecclesia
Adults: “One New Thing”
Teenagers: “Transformed - The Secret"
Dedicated Teenage Sessions:
The Teenagers will have a separate room for their studies with the Blewett brothers.
Bro Richard and Sis Erin Hillhouse will be the Teenagers’ secretary.
The Kids also have a fun-filled program with Lessons, Singing and lots of activities.
We look forward to sharing a spiritual and edifying NewStart week, with an abundance of food
and fresh, piping hot coffee, together with our brothers, sisters, teenagers and children.
Hello from Matt &  Pet Blewett

Adults: “Meditations in Revelation” – Brother Matt Blewett

The book of Revelation contains the final words of Jesus, in the Bible, for his followers. As such, it is intended as a letter of encouragement, wisdom and warning from the captain of our salvation. In this series, we will take a different approach to Revelation encouraging the practice of meditating on the many insights for daily living contained in its pages. Far from being bogged down by complex symbols, interpretations and prophetic chronologies our intention will be to open up this book as a source of inspiration for disciples in the 21st century.

Teenagers: “Making Sense of Reality” – Brother Matt Blewett

How do we make sense of reality? Are we real? How did we get here? Do we have any meaning? What determines right and wrong? Are we going anywhere? Everyone, whether Hitler or Hefner, religious or irreligious, has a worldview. A worldview offers answers to four necessary questions: Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny. In this interactive seminar, we will explore the Christian worldview from the Bible whilst exploring its claim to truth against other popular worldviews. The intention of the seminar is to allow you to develop your own personal worldview whilst gaining a greater understanding of your worldview in the context of the many other worldviews.

Hello from Craig &  Nicky Blewett

Adults: “One New Thing” – Brother Craig Blewett

There is something exciting about new things. “New” invokes images of life, opportunity, renewal, energy and more. However, despite this, we all too often find ourselves trapped in our routines, in our hamster wheel lives. A trap that ensnares our minds and hides mind-blowing wonders God wants us to see and experience. In this series we explore how God celebrates new things and the gifts he offers to let us live in a totally different way, if we are prepared to do one new thing.

Teenagers: “Transformed - The Secret” – Brother Craig Blewett

There is something exciting about secrets, especially secrets that claim to be powerful. Imagine a secret that is so powerful it has been encoded into the most sacred of words. A secret that is the key to unlocking something we all need in our lives – change. Every time a new year comes around we make resolutions – resolutions to change things we don’t like and do new things. Yet all too often the resolutions end before the first month is up and nothing changes. In this series we will journey together to unlock the secret to discover a formula that will let us become much more than we ever imagined.

NewStart Venue

NewStart will be held in the grounds of Macquarie College (182-222 Lake Road, Elemore Vale, 2287). These include a beautiful sun-filled auditorium, large indoor and outdoor spaces, a tennis court, a large oval, and is located a short drive from shops, beaches and local attractions. 

Registration Fee

The NewStart conference features a variety of studies, morning worship, a praise night, a family night, short devotional talks and a big arvo out.  Whilst not every session is compulsory we ask that all attendees register to assist with the organisation of the week.

Adults $115

Under 20's $65

Under 5's $0

Family Cap $360

5 Lunches and 4 dinners included in Fees.
Day Visitor Fees

Adults $25 /day

Under 20's $15 /day

Under 5's $0

Registration Fee Help

If cost is a hurdle to attendance, please send a confidential email to discuss concessional rates to NewStart Treasurers, Dick & Janett Hillhouse,, who will do their best to discretely and prayerfully assist, because we’d love you to share NewStart with us.

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